Financial Planning

AIM works with individuals & families to develop and manage comprehensive financial plans designed to meet their specified objectives. By understanding our clients needs  we can implement a sophisticated plan and support them in pursuit of their life’s most important goals. Our commitment to fee-only management allows us to provide unbiased advice and always put our client interests and values first.

Borrowing decisions have meaningful repercussions on our financial future. We are here to assist our clients in the process. Whether you are buying a car or purchasing a home it is crucial to understand how taking on debt will impact your financial position. When looking to reduce debt expenses we can help evaluate your alternatives to help make life more affordable.   
Get a grasp on your income and expenses month after month.We can provide you with a detailed report of your  cash inflows and outflows and help you make informed decision on your monthly expenditures. With a clearly defined budget you will have more control on what it will take to reach your goals, from annual vacations to retirement planning. 
The best investment you can make is always an investment in yourself. It is also the most important. For parents and children we know the college planning process can get more stressful the longer you wait . By closely evaluating savings plans and financial aid packages we can help keep the focus on choosing the school that is right for your future. 
Managing personal financial risk starts with adequate insurance coverage. Take the steps to be sure you and your loved ones are protected from any unforeseen circumstances. By evaluating your needs and current coverage we can make sure your are protected. AIM provides an objective look at your coverage and does not engage in the sale of insurance products to avoid any conflicts of interest.  
Retirement planning requires constant monitoring and discipline in order to stay the course. Having time on your side is the most important factor in reaching your retirement goal and if you haven’t begun preparing then the time to start is now. As life events change your circumstances, we can be agile in adapting your strategy. By reviewing your plan on a continuous basis we can reduce the uncertainty  of your retirement and help plan for sustainable income in your later years.
An appropriate investment strategy must be integrated with your financial plan. By offering investment management and financial planning as one service we can help save you money on unnecessary fees and increase the likelihood of your plan’s success. Being accountable for each peice allows us to make sure your investment strategy does not deviate from the objectives outlined in your financial plan.    
After spending a lifetime building wealth,  a well designed estate plan can help protect assets for your beneficiaries. Working with your attorney we can design a plan that helps reduce estate taxes and ensures your assets transfer in the way that you desire. By putting together a clear and understandable plan we can help you and your family be prepared for when the time comes to transfer assets. 
By working in collaboration with your personal tax adviser we can create a financial plan that is tax efficient. By thinking about returns on an after tax basis and optimizing asset location in addition to asset allocation you can retain an build more wealth. This will increase the likelihood of your plan’s success.